About the Save Water Texas Coalition

The Save Water Texas Coalition (SWTC) is made up of cities, water agencies, water professionals, community leaders, and educators who are dedicated to raising public awareness about the critical need for water conservation and water reuse measures in order to assure sustainability of our finite groundwater and surface water resources.

In order to fulfill its mission, the Coalition communicates through all available venues – electronic, print, internet, and social media – to reach residents of all ages and economic status throughout Harris, Montgomery, and Fort Bend Counties. SWTC is collecting a broad base of water efficiency information, links, interviews, videos, and expert resources for its comprehensive website – www.SaveWaterTexas.org.


SWTC ‘s mission is to promote public understanding and discourse about the challenge and opportunity to secure the state’s water future.

Methods include:

  • Launching a multi-media campaign to offer compelling, reliable and accurate information necessary to change wasteful water behaviors and habits;
  • Providing access to research information to validate water efficiency measures involving home, lawn and garden uses; and
  • Informing residents about drought contingency measures that will help stretch finite water resources into the future.

The Save Water Texas Coalition was founded by Barbara Payne and Russell Lambert