Sharing our finite resource – Water Conservation Radio Ad – Save Water Texas Coalition

Save Water Texas Coalition – 60 second radio spot – Sharing our finite resource.

It’s hot…

You’re thirsty…
A tall glass of ice water suddenly appears…
You take a long, refreshing sip through the drinking straw.
Now imagine that same tall glass of ice water. But this time you have to share it…with 30 other straws…
Our population is booming here in Texas. This increases demand for water — for our cities, our crops and livestock, factories and businesses, and for families at home.
Do the math….the more people in Texas to share our finite resources, the less WATER there’ll be to go around for future generations of Texans.
That’s why it’s important for each of us to make a commitment to AVOID WASTING WATER! Before turning on a faucet or your irrigation system – ask yourself: Is it worth the WATER?
Make the choice to use water more efficiently.
For great tips on how you can help, visit “save water texas dot org.” …“save water texas dot org.”
Water. What would we do without it?

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