Is Your Irrigation System Running?

Good luck catching up with the water it’s wasting!

Watering your grass is like running a marathon.  You need to train the roots to grow or “run” deeper into the soil.  If you water every day, the roots will stay near the surface where the water is.  There is no reason for them to grow deeper or run longer.  By skipping days between watering periods, the roots will begin to grow deeper to reach more water.  Nutrients are important for the plants as well, just like what you need when training to run.  Aerate the soil to provide oxygen, and add compost for nutrition.  The deeper the roots grow, the longer your grass can go between waterings.


About North Fort Bend Water Authority

To facilitate compliance with the Fort Bend Subsidence District’s groundwater reduction mandates by creating a viable single entity to acquire, develop and deliver a long term supply of potable surface water to the water users in the North Fort Bend Water Authority’s Groundwater Reduction Plan (GRP).

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Water Conservation Top Priority for North Fort Bend Water Authority

The Committee recommended that the Authority offer evaluations of residential irrigation systems. The Board agreed and approved an agreement with the W.I.S.E. Guys to conduct evaluations of residential irrigation systems for customers of participating MUDs within the Authority’s boundaries