North Harris County Regional Water Authority

  • What You Can Do to Prevent Stormwater Pollution

    Stormwater runoff occurs when rain flows over the ground. Stormwater pollution runoff is a serious concern because it may be contaminated with pesticides, fertilizers, animal droppings, trash, food wastes, automotive by-products and other toxic substances that are part of the urban environment. Storm water runoff that flows over streets, parking lots, construction sites and industrial …
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  • Save water and money, stop leaky faucets and toilets

    Pay attention to your indoor water usage. That means check routinely for leaks…leaking faucets, leaking toilets, leaking appliances. Watch your water bill…suspect a leak if you have any sudden increase in usage without changing your usual patterns.
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  • Save water and money in the Kitchen and Laundry

    Here’s where you’ll find some more thirsty appliances. Depending on how old these workhorses are, you might realize a significant savings in the long run — in both water and energy usage — if you replace them.
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  • Save water and money outside the house

    A typical American single-family home uses about 10,000 gallons of water a year for lawn irrigation. In the summer months, that demand can be as much as three times higher. The fact is that excessive irrigation not only increases water costs, but it drains our water supply sources…
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  • What if we could teach them the true value of water…

    And how to use it wisely…while they’re still at this tender, young age?
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