North Fort Bend Water Authority

  • Water Conservation Top Priority for North Fort Bend Water Authority

    The Committee recommended that the Authority offer evaluations of residential irrigation systems. The Board agreed and approved an agreement with the W.I.S.E. Guys to conduct evaluations of residential irrigation systems for customers of participating MUDs within the Authority’s boundaries
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  • What do you know about stormwater pollution?

    2013-08-26 11.30.17
    Stormwater pollution can result from contaminated runoff from urban areas as it drains from streets or property through the municipal storm water drainage system and into our waterways (bayous, channels, ditches, etc.). The contaminated storm water may affect waterbodies we use for fishing, swimming and providing drinking water. What pollutes a stormwater drainage system? Common residential …
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  • Is Your Irrigation System Running?

    Watering your grass is like running a marathon. You need to train the roots to grow or “run” deeper into the soil.
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